beautiful, historical and enchanting! Florence was an amazing experience shared with my peers, I absolutely loved the chilled and calming atmosphere at night with the contrast of thw hustle and bustle of locals through the day in the main square called the Piazza della Signoria which is Florence's most famous square, it is the beating heart of the Florentines social life.  Shops and cafes surround the plaza, but what makes Piazza Signoria special is the abundance of statues within the plaza. A real free open-air sculpture exhibit, includes a copy of “David” by Michelangelo outside Palazzo Vecchio, the old city palace. I enjoyed the fine dining and the amazing designer shops this picturesque city has to offer! I visited the Gucci museum which amazing as the small displays inside were informative yet effective with the viewings of luxury bags and luggage to flawless gowns worn by the rich and famous! I also got the chance to visit the leather school where I learned how the craftsmen brand and create expensive leather bags and purses etc. I even purchased a few leather bangles for a little memorial if the place. I got the chance to take a few photographs of the Duomo in Florence and The Giotto’s Campanile.




This Wednesday I am off on a college trip to the historical city of italy, Florence! I Am extremely excited about this trip as I am able to visit the Scuola Del Cuoio (an art museum), the Polimoda fashion shool and many galleries and shops. I am hoping to gain more knowledge and experience of different cultures as much as I can this year, to expand my horizons. I have done a little research on the city so I have some background knowledge before I go, being one of the wealthiest cities of the medieval times, it is considered the birthplace of renaissance and has been called the Athens of the middle ages. I have found some of the most beautiful imagery I could to depict the city, But I will be adding my own photographs of a more personal nature when I come back!
I absolutely adore pointy toe shoes at the moment, they are bang on trend and add a vintage 50's look to any outfit, I have currently just bought a gorgeous pair from river island for only £25! they are a cool shade of pink with contrasting black polkadots, so cute! team them with a pair of dark indigo denim shorts and a cropped top and you are good to go.
festival season is creeping closer and myself and thousands of others will most likely be attending! usually I would panick and stress on what attire to pack, but no fear their are so many effortless cool looks on the high street this year. 

From River Island and Topshop to All saints and Urban outfitters, you can grab the perfect summer fest get-up. Just remember to layer on summer trinkets and charms, girly flower hair accessories, distressed denim and vintage look kimonos for the ultimate look!
It is the night before my first day back to college, so I thought I would finish the detailing on my top, i decided to have the sequins and pearls scattered on the lace to give my croppes top a little sparkle!
I have spotted a current trend this spring while on my easter break, as the weather is unpredictable and not quite blazing with sunshine just yet, alot of trend setters and style icons are sporting a look which I really love, a leather jacket and matching bag with a long flowing maxi dress. I love the feminine/cool mixture, it gives a real casual look which is perfect for spring this year! I most certainly will be adding this outfit to my wardrobe!
for my dress I have added some lace to the upper torso, as to add an elegant feminine touch. I will be adding some sequins to the dress also, to add a little sparkle.




for my final major project I have to evidence the manufacture, process by taking pictures of my toile and final garment, to show the alterations and specific detailing I am trying to achieve.

below I have added some photos which will be in my manufacture diary.
as my final major project hand in grows nearer, I have decided to do some experimentation tehniques, this is what I have came up with so far! rather than working on a flat surface with pencil and paper I have alternatively tried working by draping fabrics around a mannequin to get a more effective look. my theme for this project is fantasy/romance.
Back from Christmas and it is getting closer to my CAD deadline, so I have started to put together a more professional look to my specifications so im hopefully on my way to completion!