Soft, stylish, luxurious and warm, Faux Fur headbands are this winters must – have! I have discovered a Faux Fur headband I particularly like from Marks and Spencer for only £12.50, this bargain will not only keep you warm with the semi formality of a hat, but gives a great casual look at an affordable price, but at the same time looks fairly expensive and of good quality. With a snug fit these faux fur headbands conveniently protect your ears from Jack Frost for the winter ahead and are that little bit more cutting edge compared to your standard bobble hat; I have also found another headband that is a little more daring and fun with a leopard print effect, with shades of chocolate brown and creamy beige also from M&S for £12.50. I really love this winter trend! And I feel it could become a real marvel this year as it adds a little glamour and style to any winter outfit.



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